Porsche Camshaft Controller/Adjuster Recall


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Which models are part of the recall, which qualify for repair reimbursement?

Panamera Base models as well as the S, 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S

For the Cayenne it is the S, 4S, and Turbo vehicles.

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2. If I have a 2012 Cayenne that is not showing as included in the AH08 recall, why is it not affected?

The vehicles affected by the AH08 are determined by the production date of the vehicle. The vehicle must fall within the reported and specified production dates for the recall to apply and subsequent reimbursement for previous failures.

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3. What do I need to do to apply for this reimbursement?

Please download and fill out the reimbursement application form from this website and follow the directions on the form for submission. Please be sure to include all required documents for consideration.

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4. I currently do not still own my 2010-2012 Panamera/Cayenne vehicle, but I did pay for this repair when I was the owner. Am I eligible for reimbursement? How do I receive reimbursement?

All previous owners of any 2010-2012 Porsche Panamera/Cayenne in our database that are affected by the AH08 Recall, have been mailed a customer reimbursement form. If you have previously incurred out of pocket expense in relation to this recall repair while you were the owner of the vehicle, please follow instructions on the form and submit for reimbursement consideration. If you did not receive a reimbursement form, you may find a copy on this website.

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5. I didn’t get a form in the mail, was I supposed to?

We do our best to keep the ownership records in our systems up to date, however, the possibility for errors always exist. For this reason, we have created this website where you can download the reimbursement form and submit it if you believe you have a valid claim. If you would like to make sure your ownership information is updated in our systems please contact us at 1-800 PORSCHE and speak to a Customer Commitment representative to assist you.

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6. What repairs does this reimbursement cover? Is it just the replacement of the camshaft controllers or the entire engine replacement?

Porsche Cars North America is willing to reimburse you for all documented repairs, which may be related to the failure of the camshaft adjuster in the vehicles identified in this recall. Some repairs may be a replacement of the camshaft controllers/adjusters only, while in others the damage may have extended to the entire engine. While there is no limit to the reimbursement coverage, there must be evidence in the documentation you submit that all damage you are claiming is the result of a failure of the specified components.

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7. I had a repair performed on my vehicle in which the camshaft controllers/adjusters were replaced prior to the AH08 Recall being published; do I still need to schedule an appointment with my Porsche Center to have the AH08 Recall performed?

Yes, even if a similar repair was previously performed, you will need to schedule an appointment with your nearest Porsche Center to have the parts checked for AH08 Recall compliance.

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8. How long will it take to receive my reimbursement?

Once you have submitted your claim reimbursement form along with the necessary information to Garden City Group, LLC, all submitted documents and information will be reviewed for authenticity. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted directly by Garden City Group, LLC. Once all information is reviewed and verified, you will receive your reimbursement via check, which will be mailed directly to the address you provide on your form. Timing may depend on volume and completeness of documentation submitted; however, a general estimate is 4 to 10 weeks for processing.

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9. Will you cover my tow to take the car in when this part failed as well?

Any previous towing costs you paid due to camshaft actuator failure will be covered and can be included in your claim for reimbursement. If you are currently experiencing a failure you may request a tow free of charge by calling Porsche Roadside Assistance at 1-800 PORSCHE option 1.

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10. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my reimbursement?

All claims are being processed by Garden City Group, LLC. They can be reached at 1-877-919-6430. Please have your claim number ready when calling.

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11. Is it safe to drive my vehicle?

Your vehicle is safe to drive at this time, however to minimize any possible inconvenience of a breakdown we urge you to have the recall performed as soon as possible. If the check engine light does illuminate and/or you hear audible noises, please stop driving and contact a Porsche Center right away.

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12. When can I perform the recall?

Please contact your local dealership to set up the next available appointment to have this recall performed. Remember, even if you have had a previous repair for this condition, your vehicle should still be inspected to ensure it has the most up to date parts. If you are applying for reimbursement of a previous repair, we ask that you take your vehicle in to have the recall performed first before submitting your claim.

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13. My Check Engine Light came on, is this related to the recall?

The Check Engine Light may illuminate for a variety of reasons. If your check engine light does come on, please contact your Porsche Center to schedule an appointment. Your vehicle can then be diagnosed to determine the cause and if it is determined to be a failure of the camshaft adjusters, the cost of the repair will be covered.

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14. Is there any cost to perform this Recall?

Campaigns and recalls are performed free of charge.

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15. Will my dealer provide me with a loaner vehicle for this repair?

Please contact your authorized Porsche dealership to schedule a repair appointment, and to arrange in advance for a Porsche loaner vehicle, should you require alternate transportation during the repair period.

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